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Aloe Ever-Shield en

Aloe Ever-Shield en

Aloe Ever-Shield en offers all-day protection against underarm odor with the soothing power of aloe. It is made without antiperspirants and aluminum salts so it’s gentle enough for use after showering or waxing without irritation. 

Deodorant stick without alcohol or aluminum salt

The deodorant stick with nourishing aloe vera for every day and every occasion. Your deodorant without aluminum or alcohol. By avoiding sweat-blocking or skin-irritating additives, Aloe Ever-Shield en is well tolerated, even by stressed skin and as well reliable in its protective effect against annoying perspiration odor.

Award-winning deodorant

The Aloe Ever-Shield en deodorant stick – awarded the Dermatest seal of approval “VERY GOOD” – stands out with the pleasant freshness of the aloe vera plant. The many contained nutrients and vital substances protect and soothe stressed skin. The deodorant contains no aluminum and no alcohol: This makes the Aloe Ever-Shield en perfect for using immediately after shaving and it also is excellently tolerated by sensitive and irritated skin.

Aloe Ever-Shield en with aloe vera

Protection against the smell of sweat

Your perfect deodorant stick Aloe Ever-Shield® is characterized by reliable protection against perspiration odor, while the deodorant is skin-friendly and does not burden your organism. This way you feel good all around!

Usage Aloe Ever-Shield en

Apply to armpits as needed.

All-day odor protection with the soothing power of aloe

  • Contains no aluminum salt
  • Great for all skin types, even sensitive
  • Rich, soothing texture
  • Does not stain clothes
  • Vegetarian friendly
  • Vegan friendly
  • Gluten free

Fresh-scented and gentle on sensitive skin, Aloe Ever-Shield offers all-day protection against underarm odor with the soothing power of aloe. This deodorant contains no aluminum salts so you can apply directly after showering or waxing without irritation.

Made from natural ingredients

Just like all Forever aloe products, Aloe Ever-Shield en is made using pure inner leaf aloe vera gel from our own aloe fields. Made with natural ingredients, this deodorant glides on smoothly and does not stain clothes. The clean, pleasant aroma is never overpowering. More importantly, Aloe Ever-Shield is made without the use of ingredients like aluminum that could be harmful or cause allergic reactions.

Maintain that fresh feeling all day, even when the temperature rises and pressure is on. Tackle the day with confidence knowing Aloe Ever-Shield® is here to keep you feeling fresh and clean.

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