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Did you know any information about the Forever Living Products company?
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Forever’s aloe fields cleanse the earth of millions of tons of CO2 over its lifetime!

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We care about others

With over forty years of inspirational leadership and sound management principles, Rex Maughan has dedicated most of his life to helping people achieve what they want in life. He always thought about the welfare of other people. And that thinking always applied to those who work for him. Forever employs local farmers who tend to their aloe fields. They are provided with excellent working conditions, and their permanent jobs and salaries are the envy of neighboring communities.

Forever Living also cares about animals and the company as a whole strongly opposes animal testing. Therefore, you can be sure that none of our products are tested on animals at any stage of production. And we do not work with any other laboratories that conduct animal testing.

What you may not know is that Rex Maughan is also the founder and CEO of Forever Giving. A charity that helps other charities to help them in their efforts to improve the human experience. This can happen by fighting hunger and poverty. Or by addressing the lack of services for children and families. In fact, Rex feels that out of everything he has accomplished, his greatest achievement is actually being able to help others around the world. To learn more about the amazing work Forever Giving does or to donate, visit

We are forever grateful – did you know

Forever Living is known as an organization that recognizes when someone achieves. He recognizes when someone is doing well and when someone is looking out for a member of their team. And the reason such recognition is embedded in our culture is that gratitude makes one of the eternal values. You too should try to show such gratitude. Gratitude for your sponsor and for your team members. Without them, you would not be where you are today.

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