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Forever Aloe Body Wash

Forever Aloe Body Wash

Let the best of what nature has to offer nourish and cleanse your skin with new Forever Aloe Body Wash.

Forever Aloe Body Wash – shower gel with aloe vera

Gentle, powerful cleansing with skin-conditioning aloe

  • Gentle yet powerful cleanser

  • Removes dirt and oil to leave skin feeling clean and soft

  • Retains skin’s moisture

  • Maintains and promotes skin hydration

  • Leaves skin feeling clean and fresh 

Let the best of what nature has to offer nourish and cleanse your skin with Forever’s new Aloe Body Wash. This sulfate free formula features powerful yet gentle cleansing with skin conditioning ingredients that will wash away dirt and leave your skin feeling soft and refreshed.

Our formula

Our formula features a rich, inviting fragrance of woods, amber and a warm blend of herbs for a scent that is universally appealing. You may notice something a little different about Aloe Body Wash’s unique color. The pleasing shade of seafoam green comes from naturally-derived copper chlorophyll!

Feel the difference with Forever Aloe Body Wash

You’ll feel the difference right away as Aloe Body Wash forms into a rich, creamy foam that rinses away easily without stripping your skin of moisture. The gentle cleansing is made possible with ingredients like argan oil, arnica flower extract and hydrolyzed jojoba esters, which help soften skin while increasing hydration and smoothness.
Don’t reach for another body wash that leaves your skin feeling dry or stripped of nutrients. With Aloe Body Wash, you’ll get the powerful cleansing you’re looking for with the perfect blend of ingredients to leave your skin looking and feeling healthy and refreshed.

Forever Aloe Body Wash with decoration

Aloe Body Wash shower gel combines aloe vera, argan oil, arnica, Irish moss and other powerful ingredients that gently cleanse the skin while providing it with nutrients. Jojoba oil provides additional moisture and leaves the skin with a supple feeling. Accompanied by a subtle herbal scent, the skin feels refreshed and cleansed after showering.

  • Contain 37% pure Aloe-Vera-Gel
  • Unique sea green color
  • Sulfate free
  • Suitable for vegetarians and vegans

It refreshes, it wakes us up and it relaxes: the daily shower in the morning or in the evening or after exercising is simply a part of life. Thanks to the suitable body wash, it becomes a real wellness experience at home.

Usage of  Forever Aloe Body Wash

Apply to a shower sponge and gently lather the body in circular motions. Then rinse well.

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