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Aloe Activator en

December 02, 2023
Forever Aloe Activator with decoration

With 99% pure Aloe-Vera-Gel, aloe activator en cleanses and soothes your facial skin, leaving it with a feeling of great freshness, already after the first application.

Aloe Activator en is facial tonic that refreshes and soothes the skin

With 99% pure Aloe-Vera-Gel, aloe activator cleanses and soothes your facial skin, leaving it with a feeling of great freshness, already after the first application. Our high-quality Forever Aloe™ has been combined here with allantoin, an effective moisturizer. With its high aloe vera content, this multifunctional product supports the results of other Forever facial care products. This multi-function product is a great moisturizer for your skin. 

Best moisturizer

Aloe Activator contains vitamins A, C and E thanks to the pure Aloe-Vera-Gel. In addition, the facial toner with aloe vera contains enzymes, amino acids and polysaccharides. The best for you in terms of anti-aging.

Aloe Activator en as a face mask

To make an aloe mask, mix a teaspoon of Aloe Activator with our Mask Powder and apply a thin layer to cleansed skin. After 30 minutes, rinse thoroughly with warm water. The result: amazingly fresh and well-groomed skin. You can use this two to three times a week. For a rosy complexion!

Aloe Activator in women's hand

Ideal also for your pet

The rich tonic is also an optimal moisturizer for your beloved four-legged friend. Simply apply it to a cotton pad and use it to cleanse your pet’s ears or eyes, e.g. in case of tear discharge. For a shiny, smooth coat, rub a little aloe activator on your palms and then pet your pet. For spraying your pet, you can also easily transfer the aloe activator into a spray bottle and mix it with other care products, such as the aloe propolis cream.


It’s very simple: you put the facial tonic on a cotton pad and gently stroke it over your face after cleansing.

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By Zvonimir Perše

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